Full stack developer (Ruby on Rails/Angular)

39 rue du Caire, 75002, Paris
Dec 12


NUMA is searching for a full-stack web developer to help build the tools we need to keep growing fast. Our main stack is Ruby on Rails with AngularJS, but we also have some applications in Django and MeteorJS. Applications range from the NUMA Lab (lab.numa.co) to the new applications platforms for startups that apply to our acceleration programs around the world. NUMA has innovation centers in 6 countries (France, Russia, Morocco, India, Mexico, Spain) and is planning to expand to 15+ in the next few years. You will be working directly with the CTO (based in Paris) with an international team in charge of figuring out the needs and build a set of interconnected tools for all the teams, startups and communities gravitating around NUMA worldwide (80,000+ people).


You will work closely with the CTO to expand the current set of tools that the community and residents are using You will follow the entire lifecycle of the tools you build: conception to architecture, to prototyping, to production release. Following the growth of the company and its needs, you will likely be leading a small team of developers in the future. You will deploy releases several times a week, if not daily.


Ruby on Rails (backend API) AngularJS (Frontend) PostgreSQL AWS/Docker Open to anything if we know why we use it - and not just because it's sexy tech (Meteor, React, etc.)


NUMA is building a "lab" that helps the community and startups to interact with each other as well as with experts and investors around the world. Think data-oriented: working with the CTO to figure out how your products will fit in the ecosystem of NUMA as a whole Think A/B testing, data analysis, reporting, etc. We have just released a bunch of tools that are very "V 1.0" and now need to get all of them to full speed with iterations, data analysis (heap, hotjar, analytics), A/B testing, etc.

Required skills

Have worked with one MVC framework such as Ruby on Rails or Django, either in school or on a side project You are interested in building products, not just playing with code Some experience in JS and CSS frameworks (we use Bootstrap and AngularJS)

Bonus skills

You have used and/or build REST APIs Some systems-administration experience, including the AWS ecosystem You code with security in mind