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The app for money transfer between friends. Send and request money, for free and in realtime - as simple as a chat message

Lead Ruby Developer (H/F)

Jan 06

A growing payment company are looking to expand due to recent funding and are looking for a Strong Lead Ruby Engineer who can help them achieve their growth plans.

The client facilitates payments between friends. Sending money using the app is as simple and convenient as a WhatsApp message and transforms a simple everyday action into a truly social experience.

Your account enables you to send money to and receive payments from your friends in real-time even when you’re not together. What is more you can request money specifically from those people who always “forget” their wallet when you’re out at the pub or the cinema. Top up your account by using a credit or debit card and you’re all set; or alternatively skip that and try requesting money from somebody who already owes you.

You can withdraw funds to your bank account or even shop online using the integrated virtual MasterCard. Due to rapid growth they are looking for a Software Engineering Team Lead who reports directly to the management board. You will be in charge of defining and implementing the whole business logic system architecture.

Applicants should be capable of managing and building a team. They should be open minded, writing clean and secure code, have a passion for incremental code improvements, be familiar with agile development techniques, be extremely practical, open to learning and prepared to fulfil a product owner role.

Skills include: Desired qualities, behaviours and skills: ● 5+ years experience as a Software Developer ● Prior experience in a technical leadership position ● Experience leading a team using agile methodologies (Scrum Master certification is a plus) ● Analytical, logical and methodical approach with good problem solving skills ● Knowledge of múltiple programming languages (at least Ruby & Java)

If interested please let me know and we can discuss further